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How We Started
About Us

How We Started

Embracing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world’s best strategy to build a much better world. It acknowledges that ending poverty must go together with techniques that make economic growth and deal with various social requirements, including education, health, equality, and task opportunities, while working to maintain our forests and oceans.

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Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd is the Organic Moringa manufacturer in Cambodia. Organic supplements certified by USDA, EUR, NOP, and JAS and in the process of BRC certification.

Baca-Villa is a socially conscious organic plant nursery enterprise for our foreign customers with its own organically certified ranches in Cambodia.

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa has more than a decade of experience in exporting moringa products.

We obtain these products and other herbs with fair trade farming.

We keep strict observation on farmers to prevent pesticides, chemical fertilizers in growing the moringa trees.

And… we are delighted to declare that we are the only vendor on the planet that has actually been accepted by the world’s biggest Organic Moringa customer!

We function straight with rural Cambodian communities to create top-quality superfood products, producing lasting income source for producers.

Moringa products are incredibly chosen nowadays as an increasing number of individuals discover these magic items’ health benefits.

And we prepare to bring those magical tricks to reach you …!


Why Moringa Products from Baca-Villa?

The Moringa from Baca-Villa contains the carefully ground light environment-friendly leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree from Cambodia.

Our organic crops and trees are in an environmentally sustainable climate, devoid of urban waste, and not in a toxic environment.

After the leaves are cleaned with RO water, they are dried in our automated controlled drying equipment to max 70c, and the moisture <7% is achieved.

We keep strict quality assurance to fulfil the European Union and other worldwide standards.

Our products are shipped to different global locations, and we give full assistance to our suppliers.

Why Moringa Products from Baca-Villa?
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Unique Products

By doing this, organoleptic quality is assured!

We generate
Organic Moringa and different other sorts of Powder,
Different types of Organic Moringa Tea and variants
Different kinds of Organic Moringa variations and tablets
Different kinds of Cold-Pressed Oils

All products fulfil the International Heavy Metal, Micro values, and Eur PAH!

All Organic Moringa products are produced in compliance with the Food Safety standards of the International BRC Global Standard.

You can either evaluate your own or follow along as we help you select the best moringa supplement brand name.

Some greens powders have remarkably high amounts of sugar, which can detract from their healthfulness.

Studies indicate that laboratory animals gained some security versus arsenic poisoning by feeding on moringa oleifera leaves and seeds, but more research studies are required to confirm and improve these results.

To discover even more concerning its remarkable health benefits and simple methods to add moringa to your diet, you can comply with our various other article links.

Much like the drinkable dish replacement, moringa is a practical, nutrient-dense food that can be utilized to supplement diets otherwise lacking appropriate nourishment.

Searching for the best moringa powder to include in your morning smoothie or protein shake?

Our moringa product is a rich resource of vitamin b12, which is crucial for a vegan diet plan.

Reveal more about one of the most prominent powdered environment-friendlies.

It is loaded with numerous vitamins, minerals, healthy protein, and various other health benefits.

Searching for the best moringa powder to include in your morning smoothie or protein shake?

Our Worldwide Market Visibility

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa Products have actually made a huge consumer base at an international level: Both European and Asian Countries.

Our clients are extremely valued businesses in the international food, cosmetic, health, and wellness market sector.

Baca-Villa Organic Moringa products made in Cambodia with the best quality…!

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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Worldwide customers
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Moringa does not dissolve in the water. I placed the dehydrated powder in a pepper shaker and sprinkle it on and in anything I eat, fluid or solid. I never prepare my moringa after it is cooked!!! Fresh is always better.

Certified Products

Baca-Villa Productions Co Ltd is the Organic Moringa manufacturer in Cambodia. Organic supplements certified by USDA, EUR, NOP, and JAS and in the process of BRC certification.

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

We can also bring you to the factory live on video

To satisfy all your curiosities about our Moringa Leaves and Moringa Seeds processes.


Frequently Asked

Why should you purchase Moringa and take it every day?

As pointed out above, Moringa oleifera is well-known for its beneficial and recovery properties.

In particular, this plant is anti-inflammatory, abundant, and antioxidant in minerals such as calcium and potassium.

The leaves are abundant in vitamin A (like beta-carotene), vitamins B (such as thiamine, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, riboflavin, and pyridoxine), vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and protein.

If you want to learn more, read the article on our blog.

Our Moringa comes straight from Cambodia in the form of the best seeds, and it is grown in the ancient town, Siem Reap.

We reached this golden land after months of studies and analysis, which led us to find that in this Southeast Asian area, there are the best atmospheric conditions for plant cultivation.

The fantastic advantage of our Moringa is, however, connected to its naturalness and its accreditations. 

Following the International BRC Global Standard’s signs on the subject of organic farming, we have identified our product with the basic international mark legitimate throughout the international market, which licenses its origin and environmental and organic cultivation.

Using pesticides and chemical compounds hazardous to the environment and individuals is strictly prohibited in our crops.

The Moringa that grows in the Cambodian countryside is processed in a factory authorized by the Kosher Check. You can discover the very best formula to take it on our online store, better stated Moringa Capsules and powder. 

For several purchases, you can indeed qualify for free shipping and exclusive offers. You can be sure to buy a 100 percent natural Moringa, which is approved at a global level, throughout this path.

Tablets – The best method to take Moringa oleifera is in the form of Tablets.

Our product is 100% safe and natural for the body because it does not include any addictive substances. Yet, it offers the benefit of functionality for those who are always on the move.