Organic Moringa Honey Tablets - 200 Tablets

Honey Tablets blended with Moringa.
Made from 100% Organic -Made in Cambodia- Moringa leaves and Local natural Honey powder.

Honey is one of the exclusive food that never decays, sealed to 30 years, opened one year. Honey was found in the burial place of King Tut and was still yummy!

Honey is an outstanding sugar replacement in any recipe and makes the taste sweeter. Honey includes vitamins & anti-oxidants and is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free. Honey can be consumed in many different kinds: cut comb or piece honey, liquid honey, and creamed or whipped honey.


Organic Moringa Honey Tablets

Honey is an exceptional sugar replacement in any recipe. Honey consists of anti-oxidants & vitamins and is fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free.

Because honey has, in fact, a more extraordinary sweetening power than any granulated sugar, you would be using less honey than sugar to accomplish the desired sweetness levels. Less honey translates into fewer calories! 1 tablespoon of honey is equal to 60 calories, which is the same for sugar; but with honey, you are utilizing less honey to make things sweet!

16 Health Benefits of Honey, According to Science (+2 Delicious Honey Recipes),

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Organic Moringa Honey Tablets - 200 Tablets