MyMoringaSeeds Shipping Information

MyMoringaSeeds and Baca-Villa are Cambodian companies serving customers worldwide, offering a free shipping strategy to 17 different countries! 

Australia (AU)
Brunei (BN)
China (CN)
East Timor (TL)
Hong Kong (HK)
Indonesia (ID)
Lao PDR (LA)
Macau (MO)
Malaysia (MY)
Maldives (MV)
Mongolia (MN)
Myanmar (MM)
Philippines (PH)
Taiwan (TW)
Thailand (TH)
Singapore (SG)
Sri Lanka (LK)

All MyMoringaSeeds orders are shipped directly from our Farm warehouses in Siem Reap , Cambodia. Please see more information or contact us for a direct chat about your ideas and plans!

General Information

Due to the exchange rate fluctuations, you can also examine the rate changes by yourself, tax-free limits, assessed Duties, Taxes (D&T), at the DHL dedicated pages. The currency market rate may differ from the purchase date to the customs clearing date.

Please check with your local customs office to see if you can import the items, and if any additional licenses or permits are needed.

+855 69 254 101

136, G 4, Slakram Village, Slakram Commune, Siem Reap – 17252

About the company


All MyMoringaSeeds orders are shipped out from our Cambodia warehouses to your nation by Air Freight.

The Estimated Delivery window supplied by MyMoringaSeeds shows most standard shipments. Some orders might periodically be subject to longer transit time caused by air freight delay, Customs hold, or any other unanticipated issues outside of iHerb’s control. Every order arriving on Saturday afternoons and Sundays will be processed starting from the following Monday morning.

You may have to pay import taxes, customized duties, or a brokerage (handling) fee for your order. These charges are different from your shipping fee, and you will be billed directly from:

  • DHL Express: For shipping related inquiries regarding DHL Express orders, please contact the DHL Express Customer Service at +855 (23) 427726. Or, contact us directly every time you wish and to have any added information. Or even better, contact us directly at +855 69254101, by chat, WhatsApp or Telegram, email.

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