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General Information

At MyMoringaSeeds, we really make every effort to surpass our customers’ expectations with organic products quality, packages price/quality ratios, making low wholesales prices accessible to everybody, paying by ourselves the delivery costs to bring you a great buying experience. All of these actions are unique and irreversible in this market category. Our purpose is to grant you the products directly from our lands and the mineral and vitamin resources you need for your body and health to prosper.

However, in case it does end up that you’re not completely satisfied with our organic product You need to rest assured that because of the nature of the product and the service you will be granted, we can’t provide refunds for any purchase. No partial refunds or total is provided.

So we’ve gone above, and beyond to make truly clear exactly how our products are created, developed organically, how they will enhance your body, so you will not have any bad surprises (just really good ones) when you register with us and decide to move with your first orders.
And if you still have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us with your Moringa products questions here.

We’ve discovered that there is really rarely a problem for a MyMoringaSeeds customer and member that we can’t resolve with a little communication.

Here are some standards for getting the help you need:

If you’re having trouble with constructing your personal product bundle and you are struggling to decide, start by contacting our community office and us. Mattia and all the Office, Sukhim, and our managers are all active in following up with your questions or ideas. As well, we are all extremely eager to assist you to prosper!

For any other questions, such as billing, access to your MyMoringsSeeds account, or resources, send a personal message to or connect with us by our online chats you find on this website.

If you have Moringa concepts, ideas, suggestions, or questions, please message us directly.

If you wish to bring our products onto the market under your own name and product packaging, including Organic (Export/Import), contact us, and we will be more than happy to assist you. We like to think along with you and have a lot of expertise and experience if you have a brand-new Moringa item in mind or in a structure with other items.

The team

In order to serve the demands of our consumers, we relocated to a new bigger factory with substantial capability, which together with our newest devices, satisfies all the highest quality requirements.

All MyMoringaSeeds products are originated from Baca-Villa Farm, organic licensed according to the International Organic Standards, and FDA authorized.

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